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Filyra Greek Traditional Food Workshop

Φιλύρα - Εργαστήρι Παραδοσειακών Γεύσεων

Setting Ano Sotiritsa, scenery the green slopes of Mount Kissavos, where the soul of Filyra is born and nature gives aplenty its goods. That was where the idea of our "workshop" of traditional foods "Filyra" was first inspired, with pure ingredients of our mother earth. Our small production consists of exquisite ingredients and the variety of herbs that we collect from the mountain. We work on them individually, offering products with the best combination of quality and flavour.

If you ever end up at the beaches of Agiokampos, Sotiritsa or Velika, don't hesitate to come by our village Ano Sotiritsa and visit the workshop Filyra. Take a break drinking coffee, tsipouro or wine with us and savour meze and desserts. You'll have a unique view from our yard. Come and see how we make all these delicious products and don't hesitate to ask anything that comes to mind.

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Νέο Φυλλάδιο (οπισθόφυλλο)Νέο Φυλλάδιο